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Southwestern Nova Scotia falls within the Atlantic Coastal region and the area’s strong coastal influence provides for a moderate climate i.e. the coolest summer and warmest winter temperatures in the Province. There exists an excellent heat unit accumulation which is necessary for grape crops.

The first vineyard, at least in recent times, was planted almost 40 years ago in Nova Scotia. Since that time the industry has grown and matured into a serious wine region with over 20 licensed Grape Growers and a number of Grape & Fruit wineries now in production.

The industry is largely based on a high value growing season, hardy French Hybrid varieties including L'Acadie, Maréchal Foch, NY Muscat, Seyval, Léon Millot, Lucy Kuhlman, Baco Noir, and Vidal. As with all things agricultural, careful site selection and stewardship contribute greatly to ensuring success.

Newcomers to the industry are encouraged by the successes being enjoyed by more established operators and find a welcoming spirit of cooperation. Some of the advantages available here in the Southwestern region include:

  • Affordable and available farmlands
  • Low disease and pest pressures
  • Industry support by Municipal and Provincial Government agencies
  • Local market distribution through the Nova Scotia Liquor Commission network
  • Enviable support by Nova Scotia consumers with a taste for things made here! (and close proximity to the City of Halifax with its large urban markets)
  • Excellent distribution networks for domestic and export markets
  • A lifestyle that immerses you in natural beauty, pretty communities, and very friendly people!

Lunenburg and Queens County have some of the best soils not just in Nova Scotia but the best soils in the world for growing things. We have ideal conditions. You have a nice long, slow growing season. You get fully ripe, full fruit wines, so our wines are really pure and clean. We have three of the most beautiful beaches in Nova Scotia that are a five minute drive. It’s been just a great ride.

- Sean Sears, Barbara Thompson. Petite Riviere Vineyards

Petite Riviere Vineyards

Petite Riviere

Petite Riviere Vineyards is a destination winery in the LaHave River Valley Wine Region on Nova Scotia’s South Shore. They rely on the unique terroir of one North America oldest grape growing regions to make distinctive wines, and is noted for the quality of its reds. The unique features of the rocky soil, the slate in the stone, the ocean breeze and the Petite area’s micro climate contribute to wines that are distinctly Nova Scotian.

Lunenburg County Winery

Lunenburg County Winery

Nestled in the heart of Lunenburg Region on a drumlin surrounded by lakes & forests is the Lunenburg County Winery. All wines are made using traditionally aged methods with only the best quality, fresh fruit in season, grown on their own blueberry farm or from neighbouring growers.

Elmwood Winery


Elmwood is a small winery located in Pine Grove Nova Scotia.  They are growing hybrid grape varieties in a sustainable manner with an emphasis on soil health and canopy management to enhance grape ripening. Red varieties are Leon Millot, Baco Noir and Chambourcin. White varieties are L’Acadie blanc, Geisenheim and a small amount of New York Muscat for blending purposes.