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Agriculture Day 2022

agriculture day schedule pdfAgriculture Day is an annual, full-day conference presented by Region of Queens Municipality, Municipality of the District of Lunenburg - MODL, Municipality of Chester, Nova Scotia Business Inc. (NSBI), and the NS Department of Agriculture, supported by South Shore Opportunities CBDC.

Agriculture Day is a celebration of small-scale farming and agricultural enterprise on the South Shore of Nova Scotia. The event blends together some of the best current thinking on agriculture topics, with inspirational stories of success and development in the sector, ready to be applied by you, right here! Our area has affordable, available agricultural lands and an increasing demand for locally grown produce. If you are currently farming, or are looking forward to a future home- or farm-based lifestyle, Ag Day is for you.

We've had to cancel the event for the past two years, and in 2022 we had hoped to return as an in-person event. However, we have been watching the changing situation with regards to public health measures, and have taken the decision to hold the event online, as a virtual conference.

Agriculture Day is free to attend, but even for the virtual conference, we ask you to pre-register so we can plan our resources accordingly.

ag day qr code registration  To Register please scan the QR code or follow this link: Register Online